Mud Paw
By Peng Xuejun  Publisher: Prunus Press USA
Paper Back
2021-01-01 | ISBN: 9781616121358
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Porcelain is the lifeblood of Jingdezhen. Even the narrow alleyways, gently curving to accommodate carts laden with porcelain, whisper tales of the city’s prized industry. Mud Paw, son of a porcelain artisan, embodies this legacy. The boy earned his nickname for his childhood fascination with clay. In Jingdezhen, clay is transformed into exquisite vases and cups. As Mud Paw grow up, the world around him begins to shift. Age-old kilns fall silent, replaced by modern factories. New techniques emerge, blurring the lines of tradition. His hometown grapples with the challenges posed by a changing world. This book by Xuejun Peng captures this poignant dance between past and present. This story is universally resonant but its roots are deeply embedded in the soil of Chinese heritage.