Bao Juncheng Reading Class: Famous letters to teenagers
By Bao Juncheng  Publisher: Morden Education Press
Paper Back
2023-01-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5106-9075-4
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Letters possess an expressive power that transcends the limitations of mere words. Beyond being a form of communication, they represent a cherished cultural heritage passed down through generations. 

This captivating collection meticulously curates over 30 correspondences from more than 20 distinguished Chinese literary figures, such as Lu Xun, Lao She, Yu Dafu, Shen Congwen, Xu Zhimo, Ba Jin, Wen Yiduo, and Wang Zengqi. It sheds light on the enlightening potential of letter writing, providing young readers with spiritual nourishment and an opportunity to delve into the immense capabilities of the written word. By offering a glimpse into the minds of these literary masters, the collection fosters a deeper appreciation for both reading and writing.