Grandpa likes hide-and-seek
By Written by Wu Haiying,Illstrated by Wang Qing  Publisher: Morden Education Press
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2023-04-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5106-9142-3
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The narrative unfolds around a young boy who bore witness to the gradual progression of dementia in his grandfather. Once a vibrant participant in their numerous games of hide-and-seek, the elderly gentleman found himself entangled in the clutches of memory loss. With the passage of time, the grandfather began to lose his way home, his sense of self, and even the recognition of the little boy who had once shared those playful moments. Initially attributing the behavior of his grandfather to a playful continuation of their favorite game, the boy eventually comprehends the aging process and the support his grandfather now requires. Assuming the role of caregiver, the boy reciprocates the care once given to him by his grandfather during his own childhood, sustaining this responsibility until the inevitable passing of his beloved grandparent.