Here and There
By Thea Lu  Publisher: Morden Education Press
Paper Back
2024-01-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5106-9270-3
Rights Manager: Zhang Shuchang
Phone: 010-64251036

Dive into an original picture book that unfolds through the dual perspectives and journeys of Dan and Qi. Dan, a coffee shop owner rooted in a charming small town, finds solace in the familiar rhythm of daily life. Meanwhile, Qi, a free-spirited sailor, embraces the endless horizon. Despite their seemingly contrasting paths, a shared undercurrent of loss quietly hums within each of them. A chance encounter sparks a conversation, a story shared. In that moment, their worlds intertwine, and one life begins to paint the other with vibrant hues. “Here” and “there” blur, narrowing the distance between them and the vast world beyond. The book opens in a unique way, each page turning left for Dan, right for Qi. Through this comparative reading experience, you’ll be invited reflect on your own personal growth journey, gain the courage to make decisive choices, and uncover the quiet bloom of happiness hidden within your heart.