The Distant Signal
By Xu Guixiang  Publisher: Daylight Publishing House
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2023-05-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5016-2036-4
Rights Manager: Wang He

 Based on the author’s field interviews during the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake, The Distant Signal presents the experience of teachers and students in the earthquake, with college student Tan Xiaoqi as the main character. In the earthquake-hit Jinxiu Middle School, president Tan Hengjie was buried in the ruins when trying to protect his students. Though caught in a hopeless situation, no one sat still for their doom. Tan Hengjie encouraged the students to try sending out a signal telling other people that they were still alive. At the same time, Tan Xiaoqi, the president’s daughter, set off for her hometown immediately upon the news of the earthquake. On the way home, Tan Xiaoqi met the veteran Ji Songqiao, a carefree man “Mr. Plaid” and the bus driver Mr. Zhang, and travelled all the way with them to finally arrive at the Jinxiu Middle School. During the rescue, what the trapped teacher and students did touched everyone. The teacher sacrificed himself for the students, and the students showed amazing strength and determination in the face of disaster. Eventually, Tan Hengjie and Ji Songqiao sacrificed their lives to save the children, and Tan Xiaoqi came to understand her father’s choice.