The Imperfect Kids
By Chi Hui  Publisher: Daylight Publishing House
Paper Back
2023-09-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5016-1935-1
Rights Manager: Wang He

This is a fairy tale about self-pursuit and self-growth. One day, the pupils Mingming and Xiaotian could not find their hearts! Just when they were overwhelmed with anxiety, they got good out of misfortune, receiving an invitation to the No-Heart Summer Camp organized in the world of elves. There, they found that the seemingly “perfect” elf world was actually in a huge crisis—the elves looked unique and magical, while they all had a barren heart, unable to feel the true happiness. Having recognized the problem, the kids did whatever they could to help the elves to get out of the crisis, and along the way, they also got their own hearts back. Through profound metaphors and symbols, this book can tell young readers that growing up is a process of active participation, a process of self-pursuit.