The Bright Days
By Guo Jiangyan   Publisher: Daylight Publishing House
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2023-01-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5016-1967-2
Rights Manager: Wang He

This is a distinctive Chinese-style story focusing on the growth of children. The main character, Gao Ru’ai is a humble and sensitive girl suffering from both physical and psychological traumas. Nurtured by the love from her brother and classmates, she gradually got rid of the shadow and saw the seeds of integrity and kindness in her heart start to sprout, which made her grow into a cheerful and confident girl excellent in both character and learning and become popular among classmates. As a senior teacher of Chinese language and literature, the author is really good at textual organization and description. Featuring an accurate and detailed observation of life and a fresh language, the book presents each of the characters in a multi-dimensional, vivid and lively manner.