Fire Mark
By Cao Wenxuan  Publisher: “Karchkhadze” Publishing House
Paper Back
2022-05-01 | ISBN: 978-9941-452-73-4
Rights Manager: Wang He

The boy Powa lived a peaceful and pastoral life with his horse named Snowy. After the war broke out, the white horse Snowy was captured by the Japanese invaders and branded a fire mark to show it was owned by them. Unyielding to the Japanese officer’s taming, Snowy went through various sufferings, and was forced to deliver cannons for the Japanese army, which were aimed at the village Snowy used to live in with Powa. This is Cao Wenxuan’s first time to write such a magnificent war-themed novel with a great time span. It is not a panoramic description on the war per se, instead, it is a piece of reflection on the war from the perspective of human nature, which looks closely at war’s destruction of beauty