Boisterous Town: the Practice and Analysis of How Politics Work in a Small Town in China
By Yi Wu  Publisher: Life Bookstore Publishing Co., Ltd.
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2018-02-01 | ISBN: 9787807682158
Rights Manager: Peishan Li

The author wields a postmodernist scalpel to dissect the intricate tango of daily politics between the local government, village-level organizations, and farmers in a small town in Central China, playing out at the dawn of the 21st century. Readers are drawn into the cacophony of voices and simmering tensions that erupt over issues such as inspectional visits, development opportunity distribution, taxation, industrial restructuring, land acquisition and rights protection.

A decade after its release, this book continues to resonate far beyond the ivory towers. Revered by both esteemed scholars and casual readers, it remains an unparalleled window into rural China, captivating readers with a narrative that rivals any gripping novel. While the “stories” happened more than a decade ago, the incisive analysis of the multifaceted forces shaping the “stories” retains remarkable relevance today. In fact, each revisit unveils this book’s enduring power to illuminate our understanding of China’s evolving society today.