A Collection of the 13 Reputable Tea Books from Ancient China
By Mengliang Guo  Publisher: Life Bookstore Publishing Co., Ltd.
Paper Back
2023-02-01 | ISBN: 9787807681649
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Drawing from years of research, this book offers refreshing perspectives on thirteen classic Chinese books on tea, including The Classic of Tea (茶经), The Record of Tea (茶录), Report on Tasting of East Brook Tea (东溪试茶录), Essential Record of Tea Tasting (品茶要录), Treatise on Tea (大观茶论), Record of Tribute Tea in Bei Yuan District in the Xuan He Era (宣和北苑贡茶录), Classification of Tea (茶谱), Comments on Tea (茶疏), Interpretation of Tea (茶解), Essay on Tea (茶说), and Essay on Spring Water Used to Brew Tea (煮泉小品). These ancient tomes represent the pinnacle of tea culture in Tang and Ming dynasties, whisking readers on a journey through the vast ocean of knowledge about water that unlocks subtle flavors to the ideal tea growing terroir to the perfect vessel for each brew. 

These classic books are like time capsules, imparting wisdom of esteemed ancient Chinese tea masters like Lu Yu, Cai Xiang, Zhao Ji (Emperor Huizong of Song), Xiong Fan, Zhu Quan, Xu Cishu, and Tian Yiheng.

Through these timeless texts, readers gain a window into the rich tapestry of ancient Chinese tea culture, including tea rituals, tea utensils, tea connoisseur contests, the meticulous steps involved in tea picking, processing, storage, and preparation.

Many renowned tea experts, including Yu Yue, research director at the Jiangxi Academy of Social Sciences, Professor Guan Jianping from Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University, and Ma Shouren, dean of the East Asia Tea Ceremony Research Institute and master of the Nanshan School of Tea Ceremony, have commended the book for the depth of insight it provides into China’s tea culture.