The Tradition and Interest of Poetry
By Guanying Yu  Publisher:
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2022-08-01 | ISBN: 9787807683438
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Yu Guanying was a renowned expert in Chinese classical literature. He was famed for his insightful annotations of The Book of Songs and Yuefu Poems. In selecting and annotating these classics, he celebrated the vibrant personalities of their creators, the artistry woven into each verse, and the very language that gives them life. He was also known for his remarkable contribution to the popularization of literary classics and Chinese language. In addition to his annotations of classical works, Yu enriched the literary landscape with a corpus of essays dedicated to poetry. Whether delving into the evolution of poetry or meticulously analyzing specific poems, his essays offer valuable insights into the intricacy of this beautiful form of literature.  

This captivating collection gathers over thirty of Yu Guanying’s insightful essays, organized around three themes: “Exploration of the Roots and Origins of Poetry”, “Finding Answers to Life’s Questions in Poetry”, and “Annotations to Selected Poems”. It demonstrates Yu’s contribution in criticism, annotations, and scholarly research of poetry.