Names written on the stars
By Chao Xia  Publisher: Morden Education Press
Paper Back
2024-01-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5106-9489-9
Rights Manager: Wei Xing
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Blast off on a mind-blowing space adventure with this captivating picture book! Written by a science whiz, this dazzling story weaves together fascinating facts about the cosmos and China’s rich cultural heritage, making your journey through the stars unforgettable. As you gaze up at the twinkling night sky, let your curiosity soar! Explore how constellations were named after legendary and historical figures. Discover the link between these shining lights and the tales they seem to tell. And learn how these timeless stories earned their place among the stars.

This isn't just a book; it's a spark that ignites young minds with the wonders of science and pride in their own culture. It celebrates the historical icons whose achievements shine as brightly as the stars.