Journey of The Little Fox
By Yang Xiaoting  Publisher: Daylight Publishing House
Paper Back
2021-01-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5016-1364-9
Rights Manager: WangHe

Sometimes we might be in a bad mood, lonely, lost and just sad, like the little fox. However, deciding to open a door, that little fox ventures into the outside world all by herself. What a wonderful world! Having experienced a series of terrific and interesting adventures, the little fox took up her pen and recorded all the previous memories she made. After returning home, she finds flowers blooming around the door....This is a richly imaginative and deeply poetic visual journey. While being a wordless book, the author still leads us clearly and carefully through the pages taking us on a magical journey. The book’s heartfelt message is clearly conveyed throughout the densely detailed artwork, building a magical landscape populated by magical characters. It is a book abounding in sincerity and charm.