The Sky
By Zhao Lihong  Publisher: Daylight Publishing House
Paper Back
2021-01-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5016-1566-7
Rights Manager: WangHe

This is the first compilation of poems intended for children by the well-known author and poet Zhao Lihong, winner of multiple international poetry awards. Observing the world with childlike eyes and feeling the world with a childlike heart, the poet writes a total of 50 poems from three different angles, which stem from experience and perceptions found in nature, and by using that same childlike curiosity and explorational fun, the author carefully constructs these thoughts and imagination around life. While giving us a look at a vast yet little world rich in boundless imagination, beauty, goodness, purity and loveliness, the book  also encourages children to look up from the virtual world of electronic devices to better connect with nature, which has the power to inject our souls with inexhaustible vigour and potential, enabling us with an ability to enjoy and appreciate the rich beauty found in life, all of which naturally adds a touch of poetic colour to our own lives.