Easy To Learn
By Chai Sen  Publisher: Modern Education Press
Paper Back
2021-01-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5106-6840-1
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With a down-to-earth attitude, he is brave to tell the truth.
The founder and CEO writes this book of Chaisen Physics, an online education program. It includes 71 articles that cover the essential learning methods based on his 10 years of teaching experience and the learning methods of top students.Also,it provides a good analysis of teenagers' psychology in family education.
Short and concise, the articles are easy to learn and can skillfully grasp the problems in students' learning, examination, and parents' pain points in family education. It also offers pertinent suggestions and smart solutions. It shares the stories of how a student who ranked last in the class strived to be a straight-A student and provides what the author has learned and summarized from his teaching practice. What's more, it includes the advanced learning methods of top students. Each advantage is good enough to make this book a valuable treasure. If your children's study or family education poses a significant problem for you, you might as well find solutions in this book. It indeed is a must in educating children.