I like that you don't like what I do, but can do nothing about it
By Bai Cha  Publisher: People's Literature Publishing House
Paper Back
2019-01-01 | ISBN: 9787020147694
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This is the revised and enlarged edition of the first volume of famous comic book writer Bai Cha’s mega-hit comic series “I like that you don’t like what I do, but can do nothing about it”. It includes all of Bai Cha’s original short comics featuring a chunky cat named “Wuhuang” (literally means “My Emperor”), a cute dog called “Bazhahei” and their young master “Shaonian”. The series stands out with its distinct style combining traditional Chinese brush-and-ink painting and modern illustration elements, as well as its hearty and humorous script. New stories about how Wuhuang and Shaonian first met are also included in this edition.