Key Words in Chinese Ancient Poetry
By Xu Yuanchong, (U.S.A.) Kyle David Anderson(Translators) …  Publisher: China Translation&Publishing House
Paper Back
2020-01-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5001-6352-7
Rights Manager: Zhao Zihan

The book contains 109 ancient Chinese poems, all of which are from textbooks for primary school students. With the most enduring and influential appeal, these poems are an important part of the treasure house of world literature. The book is divided into eight parts: Part One: Animals, Part Two: Plants, Part Three: Countryside, Part Four: Seasons, Part Five: Scenery, Part Six: People, Part Seven: Friendship, and Part Eight: Patriotism. Every poem is followed by English annotations and explanations of keywords, derived words, and phrases, which provide an easy and interesting experience for its readers.