Metaverse and Matrix
By Wang Ji  Publisher: Sino-Culture Press
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2021-01-01 | ISBN: 9787507556179
Rights Manager: Zhang Yingxiao

This book offers a comprehensive interpretation of the concept of metaverse and its impact on human society. It presents cutting-edge knowledge and trends in fields of humanities, science and technology, social sciences, economics, industry and culture to shed light on the future of human beings and the Internet. It illustrates social structure, social stratification, and complex integration of technologies and industries, linking humanity to group thinking and then to the modeling of civilization evolution. In the book, the author put forwards many new theories and concepts such as the nine levels of the metaverse, revolutionary changes brought about by metaverse, programming matrix and civilization traps, and explains in detail the 12 major systems of the metaverse, including the core of its architecture, technology system, industry ecosystem, financial system, and governance system. The book introduces no less than 60 cutting-edge technologies and new concepts emerged in the past 30 years. It offers a multi-dimensional interpretation of the metaverse and its core, depth and height.