The Thirteenth Year of the Jian’an Reign
By Nanmentaishou  Publisher: Sino-Culture Press
Paper Back
2021-01-01 | ISBN: 9787507556261
Rights Manager: Zhang Yingxiao

On the 13th Year of the Jian’an Reign, the famous Battle of Red Cliffs took place. This book is another masterpiece by the best-selling author Nanmen Taishou following The Cold Knowledge of the Three Kingdoms and Put in Perspective: Three Kingdoms. It tells real stories happening in the Three Kingdoms in the 13th year of the Jian’an Reign with a view to shedding some light on what was happening at the end of the Han Dynasty. The book is divided into eight chapters focusing on stories unraveling at eight different locations, including the Battle of Red Cliffs, the murder of Kong Rong, return of Cai Wenji to Han, and Sun Quan’s siege of Hefei. The book leaves out fictional plots and takes stock of the real stories. It rearranges the big and small events that happened in the year to solve the puzzle of the year, interprets the logic behind the puzzle from a new perspective, and analyzes the impact of these historical events.