Behind Closed Doors
By Zhou Jianping  Publisher: Sino-Culture Press
Paper Back
2021-01-01 | ISBN: 9787507555202
Rights Manager: Zhang Yingxiao

This book is written by Ms. Zhou Jianping, wife of the famous Chinese artist Han Meilin, to celebrate her relationship with her husband. Many years ago, in Shenhou Town, Yuzhou, Henan Province, the hometown of Jun porcelain, Han Meilin painted 179 paintings for Zhou Jianping. Zhou will never forget the moment she saw these paintings scattering around their house. To express her appreciation for this gift, Zhou wrote two series of short stories, each series consisting of 179 stories.

Behind Closed Doors falls into two parts: 179 Flowers and 179 Love Stories. It is a testimony to the passionate relationship between the couple. In the book, Zhou shares bits and pieces of her life with Han and talks about their careers. Zhou believes it is important to preserve memories and emotions in one’s life. This book is dedicated to the 20 years she has spent with Han.