It’s the Right Time
By Zhou Jianping  Publisher: Sino-Culture Press
Paper Back
2021-01-01 | ISBN: 9787507555196
Rights Manager: Zhang Yingxiao

In this book, Ms. Zhou Jianping, wife of the famous Chinese artist Han Meilin, shares snippets of her friendship and marriage with Han. A good marriage is one in which both partners constantly grow better. Zhou and Han are the epitome of the perfect couple. The book contains 14 articles, taking readers on a reading journey where they will see the great dedication of Zhou and her team to the protection and development of Han Meilin’s works, the birth and growth of the “five children” of the couple—their son Han Tianyu and the four Han Meilin Art Museums, highlights of the Han Meilin Art Global Tour Exhibition launched when Han was at age 80. This book is a tribute to their twenty years of marriage.

What Zhou Jianping wants to express in this book is that everything in their life has occurred at the right time.