Habitat Hong Kong: Revitalising Historic Buildings
By Shan Jixiang  Publisher: Encyclopedia of China Publishing House Co., Ltd
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2022-03-10 | ISBN: 978-7-5202-1100-0
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Over 8,000 historical buildings scatter around Hong Kong where space is at an absolute premium. The Revitalizing Historic Buildings Through Partnership Scheme was introduced to create partnership between the HK government, NGOs and the public to promote sustainable conservation and development of the historic buildings that have witnessed Hong Kong’s growth and serve as the carrier of Hong Kong resident’s memory. The book reviews the evolution of historical building conservation in Hong Kong with a focus on the innovative achievements of the Revitalizing Historic Buildings Through Partnership Scheme and how the Hong Kong Palace Museum took shape from a conception. With the author’s interpretation of the city’s urban planning projects and case studies of almost a hundred historical buildings, the book presents Hong Kong experience and Hong Kong stories in the field of cultural heritage preservation and provides a complete city guide from the perspective of cultural relics and museology.