No One Is an Artist. And No People Are Not Artists
By Qingsheng Zhu  Publisher: The Commercial Press, Ltd.
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2021-01-01 | ISBN: 978-7-100-20392-0
Rights Manager: Wang Xinguang

This book is a masterpiece of the renowned art historian Professor Zhu Qingsheng. The two pillars of modern society are modern art and modern science, and “modern art is the only way to a full return to humanity in modern society”. This book shows the author’s in-depth reflections on modern art, focusing on the function, property, method purpose of modern art, as well as its separation from traditional art. Professor Zhu puts forward that modern art takes creation as its basic feature, liberation of the human spirit as its main purpose, and breaking the mold as its method, to cultivate a person who is completely self-reliant in spirit. The audience is no longer the follower of the artist(a) in spirit. Modern art appears to be making fool of its audience, but is actually inspiring the self-esteem and self-awareness of the audience and the artist(s) as a subject.