Starting From Looking At The Stars
By Liang Heng, Liu Cixin, Bi Feiyu, etc.  Publisher: Modern Press Co., Ltd.
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2021-01-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5143-9317-0
Rights Manager: Ding Jie

The third volume of “The Best Essay Collections”, the book is divided into five sections covering such themes as reading, art, nature, travel, and so on. The works selected are proses Tie Ning, Liang Heng, Chen Zhongshi, Liu Cixin, Liu Xinwu, Zhang Wei, Bi Feiyu, Zhou Daxin, Li Xiuwen, Jiang Zilong, A Lai and other famous writers, who share their thoughts and insights on literature, art and nature. The book seeks to spark reader’s imagination and reflection on the relationship between secular life and higher pursuits. It helps readers shatter their mental shackles and take more concrete steps in life.