Ten Lectures on Small Chinese Buildings
By Lou Qingxi  Publisher: SDX Joint Publishing Company
Paper Back
2021-01-01 | ISBN: 9789923362501
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In China, the notion of Xiaopin Jianzhu (“small buildings”) is used to distinguish small-sized buildings from mega-structures. It is prominent in the history of traditional Chinese architecture, and holds its ground in the history of architecture worldwide. 

This book includes a series of lectures introducing the birth, the function, and the characteristics of the Xiaopin Jianzhu. From the gate tower, the wall with carved murals, the stele, the rock mound, to many other elements, the author helps readers to understand and enjoy the specificity and mysteries of ancient Chinese architecture. More than three hundred wonderful photos and illustrations make the reading a particularly pleasant experience. Like its subject content, the author’s writing style is direct, elegant and natural.