Eight Lectures on Chinese History for Xinya College
By Gan Yang, Hou Xudong  Publisher: SDX Joint Publishing Company
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2021-01-01 | ISBN: 9787108068118
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Eight representative scholars on different dynastic history, namely Sun Qingwei, Hou Xudong, Yan Buke, Zhang Guogang, Deng Xiaonan, Yao Dali, Liu Zhiwei and Yang Nianqun, are invited to give comprehensive analysis and problem analysis on the development and characteristics of China’s major historical periods and core dynasties. The analytical perspective and focus of each period are different, focusing either on the political system and political culture, or on the society, economy and culture. This book not only presents the research characteristics and lecture styles of different authors, but also runs through the overall process of Chinese history and the latest developments in current historical research, thus giving a perfect introduction to Chinese history.