Starry Sky: Studies on Ancient China by Su Bingqi
By Su Bingqi  Publisher: SDX Joint Publishing Company
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2021-01-01 | ISBN: 9787108073136
Rights Manager: Xiao Jieru

This book explores the origin of Chinese civilization from a macro-perspective, outlines the sources, features and development rules of the several regional cultures, and introduces some basic principles and methods in determining cultural district in archaeological practice. Mr. Su Bingqi used to describe the civilization of China during Neolithic period as “a starry sky”. Works included in this book, such as “Study on Wali Pottery Vessel”, are selected among Mr. Su Bingqi’s large amount of excellent research outcomes by philosopher Zhao Tingyang and former SDX editor-in-chief Wang Xing. Readers will be presented with a stunning picture of China at the earliest times.