The Four Harmonies of Ruyi
By Zhang Yiwei  Publisher: People's Literature Publishing House
Paper Back
2022-07-01 | ISBN: 9787020171972
Rights Manager: Ma Yuanyuan

Sihe Ruyi was originally the name of a qupai (melodic model). It means a large-scale musical work composed of many individual movements of different qupai. This book tells twelve stories of worldly joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, each of which is named after one qupai. It focuses on the youth of today, who are living in an era characterized by fast technological advancement and wealth accumulation. They like to express themselves, share experiences, and convey emotions in the virtual world through memes, danmaku, podcasts, and live broadcasts. Entangled in anxiety, doubt, and desire, they seek to find the truth of life. What is family? What is love? What is friendship? Who am I? The book takes readers on a journey through the emotional landscape of the young generation in the great era. Every story is centered around the adventures of a young people in the real and virtual worlds. They are stories of personal growth.