Convergence: The Life and Architecture Stories of I.M. Pei
By Jing Li, Dongting Jia  Publisher: Life Bookstore Publishing
Paper Back
2021-01-01 | ISBN: 9787807682998
Rights Manager: Peishan Li

This book is co-written by two seasoned journalists at LifeWeek, based on in-depth interviews with I. M. Pei's two sons, some of his assistants, project partners, his biography writer, and Jack Lang, the former French Minister of Culture involved in the Grand Louvre project. It rewinds Pei's early life as a student and new graduate along with the trouble, disturbance, and accomplishments throughout his career. Also, the writers took precious pictures that demonstrate Pei's contemplation and understanding of Chinese architecture language and practices while visiting Pei's old house in Shanghai and Suzhou.