Bao Juncheng's Reading Class: Classic Proses for Teenagers
By Bao Juncheng  Publisher: Morden Education Press
Paper Back
2022-09-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5106-8742- 6
Rights Manager: Wei Xing
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This 10-chapter book is a collection of more than 50 pieces of prose by Lu Xun, Feng Zikai, Zhu Ziqing, Liang Shiqiu, Lin Haiyin, Bing Xin, Ji Xianlin, Yu Qiuyu, Bi Shumin, Zhang Xiaofeng and other famous Chinese writers. It is a book intended to celebrate the beauty of prose. These authors write about parents’ selfless love and sacrifices, their own reflections on life, and their understanding of love and gratitude. These beautifully written pieces are some of the brightest gems in the treasure trove of Chinese literature.
The book is worth reading again and again. Each time you read it, you will notice new things or understand lines differently. It’s the perfect collectible book for your home library.