Heroes Legend
By Bohai Xiaoli  Publisher: Encyclopedia of China Publishing House Co., Ltd
Paper Back
2023-01-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5202-1231-1
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The book gives a detailed account of the most dramatic and discussed Three Kingdoms period by portraying 14 battles and coups in a grand and exciting style, including the Battle of Guandu, the Battle of Chibi, the Battle of Yiling, the Battle of Jieting, the Incident at the Gaoping Tombs, and the Three Rebellions in Huainan. It makes an in-depth analysis of the underlying logic, code of conduct and political environment based on which the key figures made their decisions, revealing not only historical truths but also humanity.
For readers, the road to truth resembles a case-solving process. A series of mysteries are created and disclosed later. A total of 376 questions are raised, concerning the entire history covering the late Eastern Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms period, such as “Why the life of Cao Cao is irreproducible?” “Why did the archers in the left wing aim at enemies in the right and vise versa?” and “Why the Ziwu Valley Surprise Attack was destined to fail?” This informative and readable book also has over 130 well-elaborated maps, helping readers to find out historical truths from the geographical perspective.