Myths and Rituals
By Duan Qing  Publisher: SDX Joint Publishing Company
Paper Back
2022-10-01 | ISBN: 978-7-108-07413-3
Rights Manager: Xiao Jieru

This book by Duan Qing, a professor at the Department of South Asian Studies, School of Foreign Languages at Peking University, invites you on a journey to unravel the mystery of the ancient woolen blankets unearthed in Hotan Prefecture, Xinjiang. Through interpreting the Khotanese scripts and the scenes of Sumerian and Greek mythology depicted on the blankets, the author claims the theme as “back to life from the dead” and compares it to the Legend of the Dragon Drum in Xuanzang’s Record of the Western Regions. The story and the ritual of praying for rain by offering human sacrifices portrayed on the blankets feature the Sumerian goddess Inanna, worshipped by ancient Khotanese, proving once again Xinjiang’s unique advantages as the crossroad of several civilizations.