On Academic History: Seven Lessons for Postgraduates
By Ge Zhaoguang  Publisher: The Commercial Press, Ltd.
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2022-09-01 | ISBN: 978-7-100-19427-3
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As one of a series of Ge Zhaoguang’s lecture notes, the book contains teaching notes on eight lectures given by Ge to graduate students on academic history studies in China, covering topics such as the history of academic studies in ancient China, research methods that should be mastered, and the modernization of academic research in China. This book gives substantial attention to milestones in the history of thought, introduces the general methods and ideas of academic history studies, and recommends list of litterateurs to read. Content of the book has been revised by the author several times over a period of more than ten years. The author shares his thoughts on changing the approach to teaching of graduate students in the field of literature and history. It is worth reading multiple times.