The Urbanization of Unban Societies and the Chinese Road
By Li Tongping, Ni Lin, Peng Xinyuan et al.  Publisher: The Commercial Press, Ltd.
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2023-02-26 | ISBN: 9787100205283
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The book makes a new summary of Marxist urbanization theory, analyzing urbanization in the context of urban society. It takes a problem-based approach to carry out empirical research, and uses appropriate mathematical and quantitative methods to analyze the risk factors and early warning mechanism in the process of rapid urbanization. Based on the lessons and risks of urbanization both at home and abroad, the book puts forward the framework of the urbanization path for China’s urban society and conducts an empirical analysis on it. The book not only has practical significance, but also makes academic contributions to enriching China’s experience in urbanization, telling good China’s urbanization stories, constructing urbanization theories with Chinese characteristics and Chinese style, and advancing the innovative growth of development economics and socialist political economics with Chinese characteristics.