The Fusion of Civilization
By Zhou Xinping  Publisher: The Commercial Press, Ltd.
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2022-12-01 | ISBN: 9787100212885
Rights Manager: Guo Chaofeng

The book is a summary of the author’s thoughts over the years on the communication and exchange of Eastern and Western cultures and civilizations. The author believes that among the various civilizations in the world, Eastern and Western civilizations are the most conflicting and far-reaching ones. The evolution and continuation of various civilizations are accompanied by conflicts and fusion. However, rather than conflicts, it is fusion and integration of civilizations that serves as the ever-lasting theme. In the long course of human development, the power of fusion is more enduring and stronger. The book delves into the grand topic—fusion of Eastern and Western civilizations— from three aspects, i.e. the spread of books and literature, scholars and civilians as cultural disseminator, and cultural communication and continuation in the digital era.