Watching from Peking Union Medical College Hospital: lin Qiaozhi and her doctors
By Lang Jinghe  Publisher: SDX Joint Publishing Company
Paper Back
2021-05-01 | ISBN: 978-7-108-07111-8
Rights Manager: Xiao Jieru

The book is a tribute to Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH), who celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2021, as well as to Ms. Lin Qiaozhi, the “Mother of Ten Thousand Babies”, and her fellows of the same times and the next generations. It is a work of medical humanities that is full of emotions and touching stories.

Ms. Lin is a pioneering obstetrician and gynecologist for PUMCH and China. She stands as a beacon of medical science. The author Mr. Liang Jinghe used to be Ms. Lin’s academic secretary in his young age. He learned from Ms. Lin in terms of medical skills, academic abilities, and the way of conducting himself over the years.

Articles in the book are short yet worth reading. By recalling his conversations with Ms. Lin, the author replies to the conceptions, including misconceptions, about her. For example, he explains her views of romance and marriage, as well as the reason why she declined the invitation to attend the PRC’s founding ceremony and did not join the Communist Party of China. The book also demonstrates the talent and professionalism of the PUMCH team with Ms. Lin at the core, and tells the stories between the three generations of doctors at PUMCH, including Zhang Xiaoqian, Lin Qiaozhi, Song Hongzhao, Wu Baozhen, Ge Qinsheng, Lian Lijuan, Yan Renying, and Lang Jinghe.