One or All Problems: A Philosophical Draft
By Zhao Tingyang  Publisher: SDX Joint Publishing Company
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2023-04-01 | ISBN: 978-7-108-07589-5 
Rights Manager: Xiao Jieru

In this philosophical work, Zhao Tingyang proposed a metaphysical concept—creationology, which focuses on the horizon of creator and the philosophy of verbs that have been neglected by traditional philosophy for cultural or historical reasons. For a long time, questions regarding the creator and creationism have been “legitimately” dealt with by theology, in which mankind is regarded as the “knower” who studies the philosophy of nouns (i.e. to study what something is). This results in a focus on static things instead of acts and moves. Nouns cannot explain verbs, the cause of human behaviors and our difficulties in creation. A mere focus on nouns is insufficient to answer or even unable to reach to the ontology questions.