The Pink Festival
By Ma He  Publisher: Modern Education Press
Paper Back
2023-03-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5106-9143-0
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On the Qixi Festival, excitement fluttered in the air. Qiqi, clad in her new pink outfit, joined her friends in playful embroidering competitions to celebrate the Girls’ Festival. Yet, with each completed test, a shadow of disappointment crept in. Her skills weren’t measured up, and the vibrant pink suddenly felt less vibrant. Dejected, she wandered the lively streets, her gaze catching a sight that stopped her in her tracks. A boy, fingers dancing with dexterity, was embroidering intricate patterns. Patterns came to life under his touch. In that moment, a realization dawned on Qiqi: just as appearances and beauty vary, so do the talents of girls and boys.