Little Nian who Likes Red
By Ma He  Publisher: Modern Education Press
Paper Back
2023-03-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5106-9145-4
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As the New Year’s bell reverberated through the air, a symphony of crackling firecrackers echoed in the courtyard. Inside, the house hummed with the aromatic embrace of a festive feast. Peeking from his hollow in the ancient plum tree, little Nian couldn’t contain his excitement. The delicate blossoms on his favorite branch glistened in the flickering firelight, and the air vibrated with the shared joy of the season. Scampering into the warm embrace of the house, he snuck a taste of a lucky jiaozi hiding a sweet jujube, sending the baby into a fit of delighted giggles with his playful antics. When slumber finally swept over the revelers, Nian, the lively and mischievous sprite, scampered back to his tree, his dreams painted in vibrant shades of red—the color of joy and new beginnings.