Su Wu: An Envoy Who Herds Sheep
By Cao Wenxuan  Publisher: Daylight Publishing House
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2022-07-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5016-1876-7
Rights Manager: Wang He

Su Wu (140 BC–60 BC) was a Chinese diplomat and politician of the Han Dynasty. During his mission to the Huns, he was sent by the king of the Huns to herd sheep in the cold and desolate north lands for refusing to surrender. The King gave Su Wu one hundred and one male sheep, ordering that he would only be allowed to go home when the sheep give birth to lambs. What awaited Su Wu in the north lands was not only the harsh environment, fierce beasts and lack of clothes and food, but also the endless loneliness. Nevertheless, Su Wu, with his wisdom and strong will, overcame all the difficulties. He cultivated virgin lands for farming, made boats for fishing, repaired houses and sheared the sheep... to make the trying days beautiful. Day after day and year after year, Su Wu finally saw the moment when he could return to his homeland.