Hassan’s Island
By Suonan Cairang  Publisher: Daylight Publishing House
Paper Back
2022-05-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5016-1833-0
Rights Manager: Wang He
Email: whdaylight@126.com

This is a piece of work rich in literary charms, artistic features and philosophical thoughts. After heavy snowfalls, many animals on the grassland starved to death, which was when a sheep in the boy Tenzin’s family gave birth to a black lamb. Naming it Hassan, Tenzin loved the clever and unique lamb very much and treated it as his brother. One day, Tenzin came to find that Hassan could go into his dreams to talk with him and it told him that it was looking for a giant black stone – Mount Jade, though it still had no idea where the stone was. With the help of Hassan, Tenzin decided to go to find the stone with his friend Khairkhan. Having gone through all kinds of difficulties and met all kinds of people on the way, they finally found the stone, but the last part of the journey could only be finished by Tenzin alone. As such, saying goodbye to Khairkhan, Tenzin left for Mount Jade under the guidance of Hassan...