By Zhang Ping  Publisher: People's Literature Publishing House
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2023-10-01 | ISBN: 9787020182671
Rights Manager: Zeng Shaomei

During the change of term of office of the Party Committee at provincial and municipal levels, Linjiang City has been hit by the severest ever tempest, which caused a flood disaster. Coinciding with the inspection by leaders at higher levels, the work of flood control, dredging, and dam protection all tested the judging, decision-making, and governing capabilities of cadres of local levels. Featuring the description of justice and equity, the novel tells the truth and depicts the sharp fight of the protagonist Yang Peng and other cadres and the people against bureaucratism, formalism, grandiosity, lack of responsibility, inaction, and other improper practices, revealing the relations between cadres and the people against the current background, and demonstrating the people’s aspiration for the cadre’s performance.