Following the Insects II
By Yang Xiaofeng  Publisher: The Commercial Press, Ltd.
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2023-09-01 | ISBN: 978-7-100-22832-9
Rights Manager: Guo Chaofeng

Dead leaves, broken branches, and feces serve as the camouflage. Silk marks, holes, and remnants of the molt serve as hidden plots. The richness of the insect world is far beyond our imagination. As night falls, the carnival of insects has just begun. In the game of survival, who will rise above the rest and who will be the ultimate winner? In the face of the uncertainties of the environment, every little insect is an epitome of evolution.

This book is a continuation of the style of "Following the Insects I", in which the author searches for those suspicious traces of insects with meticulous and keen observation, and solves one "unsolved case" after another, leading the readers into a new world of nature, which is brilliant and colorful, but has been ignored by the majority of people. While exploring the behavioral patterns of different insects, the author also conveys to us a unique way of discovering and observing insects: interpreting the microscopic beauty of insects from an architectural perspective, and revealing the unknown daily life of insects from a perspective that transcends the boundaries of species.