Biography of Wang Yangming :The Unity of Knowledge and Action
By Zong Chenghao  Publisher: Encyclopedia of China Publishing House Co., Ltd
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2023-01-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5202-1220-5
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The book is the first biography of Chinese Neo–Confucianism philosopher Wang Yangming (1472 – 1529) written in the first person, the book traces Wang’s political career and his journey as a philosopher. Following the vivid depiction of the ups and downs of Wang’s life, readers will see how he wisely dealt with life’s reversals. Once regarded an eccentric, Wang relentlessly pursued the interpretation of Neo-Confucianism, eventually founded the School of Mind and gained his sagehood as a scholar, general and statesman. The book includes calligraphic works of Wang Yangming, chronology of Wang’s life, Chinese landscape paintings by Tang Yin (1470 – 1524) and other famous Chinese painters of the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644) and the introduction of the civil service system of the Ming Dynasty.