Qin and Han State Sacrifices: A Draft History (Revised Edition)
By Tian Tian  Publisher: SDX Joint Publishing Company
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2023-08-01 | ISBN: 978-7-108-04932-2
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This book extends an invitation for readers to embark on an illuminating exploration of state rituals during the Qin and Han dynasties, pivotal eras that laid the groundwork for the established state ritual paradigm of China’s unified imperial dynasties.  From the locations of shrines or altars to the entities being honored or revered during a ritual to the method in which sacrifices were made during a ritual, the author meticulously dissects the rituals. By interpreting the spatial meaning of these rituals and analyzing factors such as central-local power relations, political geography, and the development of Confucianism, the book sheds light on the inextricable links between the changes in state rituals and the historical process of China’s “great unification”.