China and the Shared Human Future: Exploring Common Values and Goals
By Martin Albrow  Publisher: Global Century Press
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2022-12-01 | ISBN: 9781913522155
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Building upon his 2018 work China’s Role in a Shared Human Future: Towards Theory for Global Leadership, renowned British social theorist Martin Albrow presents a thoughtfully curated compilation of his writings on globalization theory and practice spanning the past six decades. This collection reflects Albrow's evolving focus on global governance, particularly his deepened engagement with China over the last decade. Comprising academic papers, book excerpts, articles, lecture manuscripts, transcripts of dialogues with academics and media, as well as remarks delivered on special occasions related to China, these diverse pieces stand as a testament to Albrow’s extensive engagement with Chinese academia, political spheres, and media. With a specific emphasis on issues such as the Belt and Road Initiative and poverty alleviation, they provide fresh and insightful perspectives on China’s role in international governance.