My China Story--China's Appeal to Overseas Scholars
By Petko Todorov Hinov etc  Publisher: Flieder-Verlag GmbH
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2020-01-01 | ISBN: 9783942056489
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This book brings together the diverse perspectives of 12 renowned sinologists and translators hailing from 12 countries, including Egypt, South Korea, Germany, and Lebanon. Each, with years of dedication to sinology and translation of Chinese literature, has played an important role in fostering mutual understanding between China and the world. The collection features translators who have made time-honored classics as well as the works of contemporary masters like Mo Yan and Yu Hua accessible to readers around the world. Many of them have received the Special Book Award of China from the Chinese government. This book chronicles their personal journeys of learning Chinese, engaging with Chinese culture, and bridging the language gap through translation. It offers a valuable window into the challenges and rewards of cross-cultural communication.