Hunting the Lnyx
By Lao Teng  Publisher: Prunus Press USA
Paper Back
2022-01-01 | ISBN: 9781616121426
Rights Manager: Zhou Jia
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This novel unveils the intricate web of human-animal and human-human relationships through the lens of two contrasting figures: Jin Hu, the seasoned hunter, and the head of the police station charged with curbing illegal wildlife poaching. Their starkly different approaches to the natural world form the narrative backbone, inviting readers to explore the emotional connections that bind us to animals and each other. Beyond a captivating tale of contrasting ideals, the novel delves into the ethics of human interaction with the natural world. It challenges readers to consider: Is kindness towards wild animals simply an ecological imperative, or does it hold the potential for personal redemption? The novel offers a captivating reading experience that resonates as much with the heart as it stimulates the mind. Whether you’re a casual reader or a dedicated scholar, it has something to offer.