Nothing but the Now-Seven Short Stories WEN Zhen
By Wen Zhen  Publisher: Bridge21 Publications
Paper Back
2023-01-01 | ISBN: 9781626430938
Rights Manager: Zhou Jia
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Wen Zhen’s short story collection Seven plunges into the profound depths of human existence, exploring how individuals carve their identities amidst ups and downs. This exploration unfolds through seven poignant stories, each ignited by a chance encounter that ripples through the lives of its characters. Within these encounters, the raw power of emotional awakening surges, the shadows of past experiences linger, and personalized moral dilemmas surface. At the core of these stories lies the profound belief that growth and self-discovery blossom from navigating these serendipitous moments, transforming them into stepping stones on the path to personal growth. Even the hardships, akin to swimming in an uncharted sea, hold the potential for inner transformation when met with unwavering resilience.