Star Fish
By Zhou Xiaofeng  Publisher: Unicorn Publishing Group LLC
Paper Back
2022-09-01 | ISBN: 9781914414794
Rights Manager: Zhou Jia
Phone: 65856782

Meteoric lore whispers of shooting stars morphing into colossal fish upon meeting the ocean’s embrace. Amidst the celestial tapestry, twin brothers twinkled, Xiaonu yearning for earthly adventures while Xiaogong pledged allegiance to the celestial realm. Yet, the siren song of adventure proved too alluring. Tossed apart by a maelstrom of air and flame, the brothers’ paths diverged. the younger star plunged into the ocean, transformed into a mighty fish. He embarked on a journey in search of his lost brother. His odyssey sculpted him. This journey revealed that true freedom’s essence resides not solely in personal quests, but in the unyielding threads of love and responsibility.